A Demanding Brief?

We were also asked to design and deliver all interactive elements as well as an original display stand and fixing system

...As well as composition of themes and content

...All the graphics

...Original technical and mechanical specifications


New Rothenberg Erlebnispfad

Nds. Landesforsten

Forstamt Münden -

The Concept

We decided to divide the path into 3 themes, each theme would have an assigned colour which would also be used as the path logo.

The Brief


was open for us to investigate and develop an informative and stimulating outdoor experience for all groups- -casual walkers, families, school groups, nature lovers curious about the flora and fauna particular to this area. We would use display boards 150 x 123 cm.


• Naturwissen

• Naturerlebnis

• Wald-und Industriegeschichte

The NLFM approached us to produce a fresh modern concept to to replace an older, existing


Concept, Text content, Graphics, Industrial Design, Construction

The Plan

Sitting in the office wasn't an option! The 4 km had to be surveyed, photographed, mapped and observed? - many times, - by foot of course. Drawings and plans had to made before we could make any presentations.


The Look

A grid layout was developed which enabled three levels

of possible involvement  for the viewer - a column on the left with denser factual information and two or three right hand spaces designed to display information through images

and photos with minimum text

The Fourth Level

Not just looking but touching and investigating. We designed a modular door/lift system which was simple to mount and made from hard wearing stainless steel. It enabled us to go into more detail about a particular subject, using both photos and text.